A Meditation on Philosophic Geometry

A Meditation on Philosophic Geometry
Phil Gruber

 “The basic journey is from, and eventually back to, the single point, into the line, out to the  plane, through to the third dimension…and so on, watching what happens along the way.”

Miranda Lundy, Sacred Geometry

 Good advice, Miranda! It is, indeed, most profitable to take note of what happens along the way, because the way, or path (LAM in the Tibetan language), IS the journey.  And the perceived, or assumed destination, or end point, is only a bridge, a rest stop…a way, or mid-way station, if you will, between levels or dimensions of experience… between different experiences or expressions of light, of God/Source.  And it is a never-ending story! A story which has no end or beginning…eternal, to be lived and savored in each moment, in timelessness. 

We are all travelers in time, or what appears as a linear flow of event happenings created by synchronistically related fields, as perceived by consciousness.  We are travelers on paths that lead no-where (in particular), unless your focus, which is indeed the mechanism that creates matter out of patterns of light and sound, deems it appropriate to fixate on a particular moment in time, for the purpose of contemplation, or to store for future reference.  All roads, it is said, lead to R(OM)E!

I have always found it fascinating how the word LAM has come to be used in common parlance, referring to someone who has escaped from prison…being “on the lam,” as it were.  Could this prison be the Electro-Magnetic bodies, our “consciousness time-cells” in which we find ourselves encapsulated, in our present harmonic of experience? It is said that we (our bodies) are simply “gravitationally-trapped” light.  Dr.  J.  J.  Hurtak, in The Keys of Enoch, has suggested that the shape and geometry of our thought-forms can free this “gravitationally- trapped” light.  This would then allow us to participate in a larger universe, in a wider field of play in the “Fathers House of Many Mansions” than is possible in our common body of electro-magnetism.

The journey from, and back, to the point, is precisely that point of light in the mind of God.  That point, that first glimmer of a sense of self from the All That Would Come Into Being, came into being as an ever-tightening spiral coalescing into that point.  Dimensionless and “insubstantial,” it is, nevertheless, a vantage point, from which it could consider itself.  In doing so, a void was allowed to appear in which the mirror of its existence could be manifested, the Tohu Wa Bohu: the Formless Void, or Formless Word.  It was from this point that words began to take shape, and that things would begin to take on form from the Single Mind and Eye of God, “with the variation of vibration,” according to The Revelation of the Metatron.  The “point” being that, an expression, in form, of an idea – from the Mind and Eye of God, will manifest in the heavens on Nov.  8, 2003.

This idea, or expression, has a corresponding geometry.  In this case, it is as a Star/Shield of David or Seal of Solomon, as viewed in two dimensions.  In three dimensions, it is expressed as two interlaced tetrahedra (tetrahedron=4 faces — the simplest Platonic solid).  This four-sided figure is the index for all evolving volumetric forms (the energetics of which will be addressed in a future article on the HC web-site).  In many circles, the image of a Star of David is called a Hierophant.  It is understood to be a ‘geomancy’, or geomantic code….a standing wave form, scalar in nature, that functions as a wave-guide, quite literally, a pattern of frequency, a field of information composed of very specific harmonic electro-magnetic wave patterns, patterns of light and sound, composed of conscious energetic substance. 

This form (Star of David), properly understood and utilized, generates, and is the expression of, synchronistically-related fields (counter-rotating electro-magnetic spirals) that allow one to be connected to an intelligence that has come to be known as Merkabah, or Tagathata.  This “Divine Light Vehicle” allows one to move beyond the confines of our  “self- imposed” electro-magnetic bondage and to co-merge with the Higher Intelligence, the Sons and Daughters of Light, in the many Mansion Worlds…in other words, to ascend! There are, quite naturally, higher dimensional aspects that literally beg to be considered, and what is being offered here is merely a sampling of a virtual plethora of interpretations, all equally valid and honored within the vast collective intelligence that many of us choose to call God,  God/Source, or simply… Spirit.  What you have then, in the Star of David, to be brief, is the union of Spirit and Matter.  The downward-pointing triangle, representing Spirit, descends into Matter, to quicken it. 

This is the process of INVOLUTION.  The upwards- pointing triangle, representing Matter (Mater/Mother-the feminine principle), having received the Gift of the Holy Spirit (the Father, or masculine principle) and animated by it, begins its upward journey.  This is the process of EVOLUTION into the light of non-differentiated, non- evolving consciousness, to begin the journey anew.  This fusion is the union of Spirit and Matter, as seen in the Star of David, also known in alchemical circles as the “Philosophers Diamond.”  The hierophant is also the symbol of those who have achieved the Supreme Magical Moment, the Alchemical Marriage, the ‘Hiero Gammos’ within themselves.  Having done so, one may then go on to exist in the Higher Worlds of Light, beyond the smaller cycles of Alpha and Omega, in the Galactic Tree of Life.

In the Science of Kabbalah, the two interlaced triangles point to the manifested light, to life, and also to the “possible” or potential bond with God.  The equilateral hexagram, formed by the joining of the points of the “Star,” is expressed as the number “6,” the visible symbol of the Emerald Tablet of Hermes, “AS ABOVE, SO BELOW,” remember? The lower triangle denotes man in his 3-D aspect of Body, Soul and Spirit, and is understood to be magnetic in nature.  The upper triangle points to the 3-D unification and influence of Divine Power and Divine Virtues working within one Mentally, Astrally and Physically, in their connection from above to below, preparing one to work with the Spiritual Hierarchy, and is understood to be electrical in nature.  “In the image of a 6-fold Star that flameth across the vault inane, let me re-veil thy perfections.” (Aleister Crowley, Liber DCCCXII vel Ararita).  Yes, it does seem that we indeed are doomed to perfection.  In future articles on the HC website, I will expand on many of the themes presented here…not to worry!

As you may, by now, be familiar with, in the wake of an interstellar event of enormous magnitude (the explosion of a Magnetar, an extremely dense neutron star), John Mirehiel, under Angelic guidance I am sure, cast a line, astrologically speaking, into the future, and hooked a BIG ONE! Gazing through a window in space/time, an astronomic configuration was caught and crystallized in timelessness, in consciousness.  The chart of this event has been dubbed The Harmonic Concordance, and in it’s recognition is held a key to a time and a place (and a space) when the heavens will change with respect to a new Earth, to the re-creation of a New Man, the Man or Woman of the Future. 

That time is NOW! That place is HERE!! That “New Man” is YOU! Yes, YOU! Thank you for taking the time to journey with us to this “re-discovered” country, a place where dreams come true.  A place where your true heart’s desire is to be found no further than your next breath, your next heartbeat, your next moment, already here, waiting for you to fulfill a promise made to yourself ~ a long, long time ago, in a Universe far, far away.


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