Be the Divine Domino Effect

Be the Divine Domino Effect
See the Harmonic Concordance with the Inner Eye (I)

 Joyce Mason


“Are we there yet?” My husband and I still voice this perennial kid-in-the-car, hardly subtle complaint when we’re joking about our impatience to get somewhere, whether literal or figurative. Ten years after the Harmonic Concordance moment, we’re still getting there … and I’m sure the inner child in most of us is starting to squirm and whine a little. (Maybe a lot.)

 When it comes to manifestation, Spirit takes its time and does not work on human clocks or calendars. (Think about the Creation story, put in human days, and how it’s obviously a metaphor. Even God couldn’t do that much work in a week.) The Star of Bethlehem is often depicted as a Star of David, like the one in the Concordance chart. Look how long it has taken some people, even some who call themselves “Christians,” to fulfill the example of Jesus in loving kindness, social justice and inclusivity. Our time sense is a speck in the unfolding of the universe, and we have to broaden our time perspective to something literally more cosmic when seeing the seed pattern in the Harmonic Concordance chart.

I wouldn’t change much today, if anything, of what I wrote ten years ago about the Concordance. I would like to add some thoughts, though, that I hope are helpful in viewing the seeds in the Concordance chart from the mountain top or from a higher vantage point. A wonderful San Francisco astrologer, Linea Van Horn, did a lecture in the years before 2012 called “The Galactic Embrace.” I heard it at the height of the “shift happening” anxiety, and one thing still stands out in her tips for how to handle Big Change Times—to give yourself periodic news fasts.

We can’t live like turtles with our heads and appendages pulled into our mobile homes. (Turtles, to me, seem like a Cancer caricature that way). Still, we do need to remember that we’re in a process. Change and the Concodance has to come from within each of us. The scorecard shouldn’t be what we see on the news but what we see in our own spiritual development, our relationships to those closest to us, and how we promote the divine domino effect of joy and wholeness in our everyday encounters. The PUNCs and their personal evolution will be the epicenter of change, those Plutonian/Uranian/Neptunian/Chironics we talked about in my original interview with Jan and Johnny Mirehiel. We’re the people who bring change to the center of the Bell curve from the leading edge.

We need to continue doing just that and to hold the vision heartily. Underneath the noise of wars and evidence of hate and discord still rampant, there’s another revolution in light still happening. Think about it. We’re not the people in the news stories, and the media is notorious for reporting the worst of what’s happening in the world.

As a species, we’re “conflict caterpillars” morphing into butterflies of peace. Members of the human race are at different stages of their metamorphosis. Large masses of humanity are still fuzzy crawlers while some of us are on the brink of getting our wings.

The important nugget from this metaphor is that change, including evolution, is messy. Its perennial dues involve the darkness before the dawn. Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman (AKA: Swami Beyondananda) write about this in their book, Spontaneous Evolution, which I recommend. They ask us to imagine the caterpillar in mid-morph, feeling his body being pulled apart and destroyed with no experience about what is happening to him or how he’ll end up. It’s dark and scary. That’s each of us, especially during Uranus-Pluto Times. The good news is that the caterpillar ultimately gets not just a pleasant, but an amazing surprise. He can fly!

It may sound corny or optimistic to the extreme, but we need now the advice in the classic tune, “Accentuate the Positive.” What I see, when I look for the good, is people connecting on the Internet from all kinds of cultures and points on the planet and learning that those different from them can be their friends, even intimates. I see amazing creativity and sharing. One or two people can start an “evolution” using tools like MeetUp and MoveOn. (Read more about some of these ideas in The Radical Virgo Revisited.) I see acts of kindness increasing, often involving people I would not have suspected had any inkling toward random acts of kindness or “paying it forward.” We have to observe and record our own good news—and then share it.

One of my favorite New Age CDs is Marcy Hamm’s Inner Harmony. The Harmonic Concordance, like the Harmonic Convergence that preceded it in similar name and visions of wholeness, is an inside job. As we each continue our path, the divine domino effect is inevitable. More than ever, we need to support each other in that quest and remind ourselves to see the Concordance with the inner eye.

Or to end with what has become my mantra, the Hopi prophecy for these turning-point times:

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Joyce Mason 9/5/13

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