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In this “portal” you will find articles, essays and excerpts detailing the astrological elements of the chart that precipitated the worldwide celebration of The Harmonic Concordance.  You may also access each of them through the “drop down” menu on the HOME page

2003 Essays

The Discovery – This essay, written by Johnny Mirehiel in early ’1999, details his discovery of the astrological chart of the Total Lunar Eclipse of November 8, 2003, which he dubbed, The Harmonic Concordance, as well as highlighting the outstanding astrological features of it.

The Concordance Charts – Here you will find the chart of the Harmonic Concordance chart, as it appeared over Greenwich, England, at the moment of the Total Lunar Eclipse of November 9, 2003.
There is also an image of the chart which strips away any non-pattern aspect lines, revealing the clear Concordance Pattern beneath.

A Choice for Life – Madelyn Hillis-Dineen sees the Concordance as an opportunity to choose the Ascended Life, and makes some very interesting connections between the Grand Square/Solar Eclipse charts of August 1999 and the Concordance chart. (With a new 2013 Introduction by Madalyn)

Chiron at the Concordance – Here is Part I of Joyce Maon’s explication of the Chironic nature of the Concordance chart.  Revisiting the interview Jan and I did with her in the pre-Concordance days, she presents a condensed, marginally edited version of that source interview. In it Joyce suggests that in the astrological language of the Concordance chart Chiron’s presence in the moment adds a quality in which the desire for resurrection supersedes the willingness to continue to suffer, indicating instead, a potential shift in mass consciousness.

Be the Divine Domino Effect – Here  is Part II of Joyce Mason’s commentary on the role of Chiron in the Concordance chart.  In this new piece, she makes the case for the idea that Change, and the Harmonic Concordance, has to come from within each of us.

The Grand Sextile – Excerpted from The Dynamics of Aspect Analysis by Bil Tierney, this essay details the astrological indices found in the hexagonal pattern featured so prominently in the Concordance chart.

The Concordance Quintiles – This piece, while not directly about the Concordance, does suggest that that Moment was a part of an astrological sequence in the nature of the appearance of the Divine Feminine as a compliment to the manifestation of the “Aseka Adept” or the Perfect Man depicted in the Grand Sextile of the Concordance, as suggested by A. S. Raleigh in his essay on the occult aspects of the Hexagram.


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