“Creation is all space, all time – all things past, present, and future.” ~ Matthew Fox 

The Seventh Direction

Creastion Three

It has been called many things:

The Prime Creator
The Mighty “I Am”
Intelligent Infinity
The “Immeasurable Mystery”
To Native Americans, It is “Gitche Manitou” or “Wakan Tanka” (Great Mystery)

It is that Conscious Energy which is responsible – for everything,

“…the primal source from which all existence is ultimately linked.”

“…the only Consciousness that unifies all states of being into One Being.”

That Being inhabits all time and space, energy and matter, form, and conscious expression. – as well as all non-time, non-space, non-energy, non-matter, non-form, and non-intent.  That foundation covers a lot of territory.

Qualities, Aspects and Traditions

It might go without saying that since Creation inhabits all things, all things might well be taken as symbols for It.

Nevertheless, within the overarching metaphor that is the Nine Directions of my Medicine Wheel, we can say that Its Color is a brilliant OPALESCENT WHITE.

The DANDELION, which so easily carries it seed on the Wind of Spirit to the four corners of Creation, is its Plant Totem and the Part.of the Plant to which it may be symbolically related is its DNA.

Creation’s Element is the AETHER, the material that is said to permeate all of space.

Paradoxically perhaps, the Animal Totem for Creation is one of the smallest of Its beings, the SPIDER.  In the Navajo tradition, for example, it is Spider Woman who created the Universe and in doing so, wove the past, present and future.  

The Spirit Guide that symbolizes Creation is JANUS, the Roman God of the Beginning and End, and Its Minerals are MOZARKITE and OPAL.  

Finally, the LESSON of Creation is The Medicine Wheel, the expression of all of life’s circles, that everything in life is interconnected and joined together to form one complete whole, representing the whole of Creation – the strongest of all powers and the Force of all forces.

As has been said, Creation’s “JOB ONE” is to create.  How it does so may be explained by the Fractal.

The Fractal

The Fractal

It seems that Matter in the Universe is arranged in a Fractal Pattern.  That Fractal Pattern represents the skeletal structure for all that is Creation.  Within it, is an infinite number of identical, Self replicating or nested Patterns.  The famous Russian “nesting doll” is one way of thinking of this.  However, the Hologram that we “see” is but one infinitely small segment of the Master Fractal

Manifestation, which is a different property altogether, appears to us via the construct of a holographic projection.*  For us, that particular projection comprises the world and Universe we inhabit, itself but one infinitely small segment of the “Master Fractal.”  

Such a vast enterprise is beyond the scope of any one Being.  Yoda called it “The Force.”  Too large to be ascribed to the single personal point called “God,” or even “Creator.”  It is better called CREATION.   And Creation repeats Itself in every minute and grand fragment of the Master Fractal – and thus constantly creates, as Its JOB ONE, manifestation throughout Itself. 

Further still, the “agency” by which Creation Itself is aware of Its myriad parts and through which we are aware of the contents of that holographic projection is Consciousness, the Universal medium.  And since we possess Consciousness, it is so that We and Creation create in identical fashions.   In this respect, and by virtue of the
notion “as above, so is below,” YOU are the Creator. 

So these are some of the attributes that part of the Medicine Wheel called Creation.  And as you know that YOU are the Wheel, so you know too that they are attributes that exist within YOU.

Embrace them in your heart, feel them within, and say: I AM/WE ARE Creation!



*  See Michael Talbot’s excellent book The Holographic Universe for a definitive explanation of this theory.

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