Gratitude in This and Every Day

Gratitude, Part I

In an earlier post, I wrote about the Ascended RelationshipYOUme and “Our Day.”  Today, I’d like to focus on one specific practice of that Day, our Gratitude Inventory.  One of the other of us will begin the Day by writing into a black and white marble covered composition notebook (one of more than a half dozen we have filled over the years), a notation of things for which we are grateful.  While this Inventory is not exactly static, for the most part it is constant and is our way of remembering to live in Gratitude in all moments of the Now.  I am grateful to be able to simply share the items on that list in an openly public forum, sans detail, which will follow in later posts when time permits. Indeed, each item deserves a post of its own, but on this Thanksgiving Day here is the list of those items for which YOUme is perpetually Grateful:

For This Day and this Ascended Life
For “Job 1” with Spirit (YOUme, Who has six hands)
For All Our Relations
For the Lamp Unto Our Feet
For Balance in all things
For Loving Kindness and Compassion
For Eden everywhere
For the Water
For Unlimited Abundance for all
For Our Energizer Bunny Love
For new Joy in every day
For the Blue Spectral Hand
For the Nine Directions
For the Goddess and the Green Man
For the Merkaba in which we create Creation, and
For the Healing Aid and Comfort for all those in need

In Gratitude and the ONE Heart,
Jan and Johnny


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