Mother Earth

The “Extra-Terrestrials” 

“This is a hastening time for many of us. We, like Mother Earth, are in the
process of our own healing.  
Individuals who are on a spiritual path are a
microcosm of that much larger process that is happening 
on a planet level.”
Lynne Namka, Ed.D

As I have mentioned above, the first four of my Directions are associated with physical spaces, compass points if you will, although they do indeed have symbolical connections in the Spiritual Realms.  Here, we explore the non-corporeal, spiritual dimensions that are related to these Directions. The time of Year, time of Life or time of Day are not relevant to these non-terrestrial Directions as they “reside” in the numinous, non-physical realms beyond space and time.

The Fifth Direction – Mother Earth

Earth from Space

The Ground we walk on; the feet we walk with.

The great Consciousness that feeds, houses, clothes and sustains us. (The Gaia Hypothesis)

The Source of the Water of Life, the Air we breathe, our Sustenance and our Raiment.

Archetypically – Gaia is the first Mother

Healing – She is the First Physician and our Primary Healer  (All natural remedies come from Her.)

Mother Earth presides over all Nature and life in this 3-D experience.  PAN oversees the full Nature/Spirit resident in the body of Gaia and is therefore always associated with our beloved Mother Earth.

Her Color is BLUE, which befits Her precious image as it is seen floating in space.  The Part of the Plant that resonates with Her is The Soil in which it grows. Her animal Totem is the Turtle or Tortoise.  Her Element is, of course, Earth.  The Spirit Guide with which She is associated is Lady Gaia and Her Mineral is Loadstone.  The Lessons She has for us are the Sacredness of our Planet, our Relationship to Form and Matter, and The Peace Shield Teachings.*

And She provides us with The Gifts of the 4 Sacred HerbsTobacco, Cedar, Sage & Sweetgrass.  Each of these Gifts has something to teach us.

The Lessons of Sacred Tobacco – As we burn the sacred tobacco we ask for the understanding of life giving teachings to fill our void, the ability to learn from our elders and to give heartfelt prayers of thanks.

The Lessons of Cedar – A reminder of what is everlasting and green all year around, a representation of the living Mother Earth and the innocence of the Heart.  Used for house blessings.

The Lessons of Sage – Helps to cleanse, preserve and  insulate our sacred space within, to hold the “helping spirits” and to collect the energy of prayers to honor one’s own sacredness.

The Lessons of Sweetgrass – Used in ceremony, it is braided, as one’s hair, to show honor to the great life form that is within and around Mother Earth.  It represents our respect and love for Her, as well as our Spiritual Grandparents and our “total giveaway” to our Spirit path.

So these are some of the attributes and gifts of Mother Earth and, as you know by now, YOU are the Wheel, so too may you know that Her gifts are are readily available to you and indeed are all elements within YOU.

Know this to be so, embrace these elements in your heart, feel them within, and say: I AM, WE ARE Mother Earth!


* The Peace Shield Teachings: Please see Rainbow Eagle’s excellent site at: for more information about these teachings.

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