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Welcome to the Science Portal here at the new home site of the Harmonic Concordance.  If you have come this far in your exploration of these pages, we are grateful for your visits and hope that you now know that the Harmonic Concordance Ideal is about the experience of Unity Consciousness, Unconditional Love and Unqualified Joy.

It is with great pleasure that we have shared our collection of Astrological and Spiritual articles with you, and we are eternally grateful to our contributors for their thoughts on these subjects.  It is with even greater joy that we now introduce you to a selection of (we hope) stimulating articles from the world of Science which might bring still more depth to your understanding of the possibilities that are always at hand.

While scientists have been with us always, their influence did not begin to spread rapidly until the 16th century, during the period designated by Western historians as “The Scientific Revolution.”  This revolution was the foundation of the Industrial Revolution that followed.  Innovation was soon equated with progress, and by the 1950’s the “scientific” perspective had reached its penultimate philosophical height in America, as logical positivism.

Proponents of this philosophy assume that knowledge can come only from logical reasoning or empirical experience.1  This belief, nurtured as it was in the climate of the Cold War and the race to the moon, subtly infused our collective perception of reality during the following years.  Perhaps its prevalence would have continued to spread, but it has been said that during the last quarter of each century there is always a growth in the level of interest in spiritual and metaphysical subjects.  The last quarter of the 20th Century was no exception in this regard.

As a matter of fact, those of us with such interests were able to pursue them to extents never before possible.  Widespread literacy (and low publishing costs) enabled us to read and share such classic books as Seth Speaks (Jane Roberts), Be Here Now (Ram Dass), and the early work of Carlos Castaneda.  As 1999 came to a close we were rapidly finding others of like mind online, and formed “virtual communities” with members whose faces we had never seen, in places we would never be able to visit.

Information that had formally been seen in objective economic terms, now not only often took on an intensely personal cast, but was also being freely and widely shared across an un-mapable domain of e-mail, discussion lists, websites, and internet radio.  At the same that time we were exchanging stories of our experiences and beliefs, we were also talking excitedly about the latest news from the world of new science, in all its forms.

The evidence presented in these pages suggests that there are those in the various sciences who are gathering a formidable body of knowledge about the field of Consciousness.  What they have collected to date indicates to us that we Hu-man2 beings are indeed destined and able to create a break through into a new conscious reality.  In that light, we invite you to peruse these essays, from a variety of scientific disciplines, with the hope that they will confirm for you, through the empirical data they present, that together we can create that new conscious reality.

1  (The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy,
2   The Sufis regard the sound of HU as being the most sacred of all sounds, the name for GOD.   Since we are all regarded ( irrespective of gender) as Hu-Man, or God-Man, we should indeed be capable of very great actions.


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