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Written more than 15 years ago, this piece was the original Introduction to the Spirituality Portal
on the first Harmonic Concordance website, Astrosite.com.  Yes, it’s a bit dated and
looks forward
hopefully to an event, the Ascension of Mother Earth, which never actually
took place.  However, it
does capture the sense of excitement and grand vision that
was, and remains, at the heart of the
message in that chart.  If you were to look at 
those “days of future past” with an open heart you can
see that the message resonates 
still today, as it will in all time. Thus it stands as the Introduction
to this Portal, even as it did then.

The Universal Language of Astrology is an archetypal Rosetta Stone which transcends all of mankind’s many languages, both spoken and unspoken.  Within that language, the geometry of the Harmonic Concordance moment constructs a pattern that speaks to the core Truths of a great many metaphysical belief systems.  The fact that these Truths have been given such a universal voice, in a time that is unprecedented in the global community’s psychological, spiritual and technological readiness to hear them, is compelling, to say the least.  But, “TO EVERYTHING THERE IS A SEASON…”

We who are responsible for the content of this site are predominately astrologers and metaphysicians by profession.  As such, we have dedicated our lives to integrating Spirit into our daily existence, in practical and meaningful ways.

We represent many disciplines, have studied with many Masters, and continue to play the roles of both teachers and students in the “Divine Sciences.”  As we have followed well-worn paths (or in some cases, blazed our own) in the pursuit of understanding, we have come to recognize that we (ALL of us) are expressions of the Source of all that was, is, and ever can be.

Sometimes it is easy to forget this, in the density of the world as we experience it.  If, however, (as we believe) The Harmonic Concordance chart provides the astrological  signature of  the Ascension of Mother Earth, and for all of her inhabitants who are able to comprehend and accept such a possibility, then we must also acknowledge that its truth ultimately seeks expression IN THE PRESENT MOMENT.  The Concordance Chart stands as an elegant and inviting image of what we already are: Ascended Co-Creators; Children of the Mother/Father called to experience in this physical reality, one of the greatest fields of Creation imaginable

This three-dimensional platform has served Mother Earth and her children extremely well.  We bless and love it free as we prepare to transcend it.  We suspect that, beyond the Stargate of the Concordance, an even grander journey of Creation awaits us.

We must say, from the beginning, that the points of view presented at this site will most likely not appeal to a wide audience at this time.  To the spiritually curious, however, these concepts will be familiar.  Each of the essays inside this PORTAL touches upon one or another field of spiritual belief.  Despite their different perspectives, however, each author expresses some basic tenet that resonates for him or her from within the rich symbolism of the Concordance Mandala.  Each sees in it some moment of immense proportions.  It is our hope that, over the course of time, others will add their views on what this moment will bring.

Through this site we invite you to join us, in this ever present moment of NOW, in the expression of Love, Peace, Unity and Joy that the Harmonic Concordance suggests can exist for all of us.

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