Stepping through the Concordance Paradox

Jan Mirehiel

The Harmonic Concordance chart represents these same possibilities in astrological notation, but it is the “Concordance Paradox” that is most closely allied with the shamanic conception of time as a dimension which can be transcended through focused intent.  The existence of this paradox means that it is not necessary, nor even desirable to wait until November 8, 2003 in order to develop that focus.

If you can conceive of how it might feel to live as an ascended master in an ascended world, you can step through the “hole in time,” anytime, and bring that existence back into your daily experience, right then and there.  The more frequently you are willing to do this, the more you will come to know what it means to live the “18 Burro Deluxe” version of life.

From that expanded awareness, you will soon see miracles happening on a routine basis.  You will begin to see the physicality of Mother Earth through new eyes, as you become aware, for example, of a previously unseen pearlescent tint in the clouds above, or of a vibrating greenness where new plants are growing, or of the consciousness peering out from a seemingly ordinary configuration of boulders.  In these moments, you are being shown a preview of your ascended planet.  Welcome these signs and honor them, remembering that they are truly reflections of the ever more luminous being that you are becoming and, as a matter of fact, already are.

If only you would allow yourself to believe that it might be so!  Philosophically, I find a significant connection between the promises of the Harmonic Concordance, and the (shamanic) saying that “There is no such thing as the imagination,” or, as it has been said in other traditions, “As a (hu)man thinketh…”  Yet, we often allow our best and brightest moments of awareness to be shut down by our perpetually vigilant “doubt reflex.”

At these times, the small (unexploded) self—the ego—challenges the Knowing of the I AM, or the larger Self.  When the little self wins, the hole in time closes again and we are trapped for another cycle of time during which we are ruled by illusion, fear, and insecurity.

The undisciplined mind can wreak havoc with the best of intent, which is, of course, why meditation and prayer are universally recommended as tools to help us to stay in our spiritual centers.  However, it is often difficult to carry insights from those centered moments back into practice in the outer world.  In order to do this, it helps to have many other tools of remembrance at hand.  The Harmonic Concordance chart, in addition to its astrological meaning, also portrays a multi-dimensional mandala in sacred geometry, offering a variety of these reminders through symbols that are significant in many different belief systems.

It contains, for example, figurative associations with several Native American spiritual traditions.  The chart may be seen as portraying a “medicine wheel” like that which exists in any astrological chart, with the four directions represented by the points of the ascendant, the descendant, Midheaven, and the Imum Coeli.  The geometry of the chart also resembles the figures formed in the crossing of willows at the top of a sweat lodge, which pay homage, not only to the directions, but also to Mother Earth, and Father Sun.

The space enclosed by the interlocking squares at the center top of the lodge represents the Creator, or “The Great Mystery.”  I like to think of this as a representational “hole” in time through which we are able to travel as the intent behind the prayers we offer.  Indeed, time does seem to stop inside the inipi while the ceremony is being conducted.

As I look at the chart, I see yet another (time-related) mandala in the 6-pointed star of the Merkaba.  This symbol represents us in our light body forms, as seen by those who CAN perceive on this level, and I am reminded that the Merkaba meditation is another form of remembrance.  Practitioners are essentially taught how to roll their light bodies through time, from one present moment into the next.  This exercise allows them to stay in an eternally perfect present.

In The Seth Material, Seth, speaking through Jane Roberts, proposes that “…an idea IS an event…” that comes into being through temporal consciousness, a consciousness which he describes, not as a concept, but as a dimension of action.[1] The Concordance message comes as an open invitation to us to play in this temporal dimension, through the mental creation of an idyllic “future” world.  Why not do so in the most inspired possible manner?

In our quiet and reflective moments we can direct our thoughts toward a vision of Eden (reborn in this moment!) here on earth.  We also can apply the lessons of the Concordance Mandala throughout our day-to-day lives, by remembering that all that is asked of us is to: “Stay in balance.  Operate from the center.  Express through love.”

From this point that we are able to see the Universal Perfection that is.  And it is from this point that we step through the Concordance Paradox and into a divine state of existence right now.

© Jan Mirehiel 2001


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