The Ascended Life

What is the Ascended Life?

When you lead an Ascended Life, you take full responsibility for every creation — in all of your lifetimes. You leave co-dependent patterns behind, forever.  As you come to accept and have compassion for your own seeming imperfections, you come to have compassion for the imperfections of others.

All need to control or manipulate your reality is subsumed in an inner sense of safety in which fear and doubt have no hold on you.  All negative programming is relinquished, the fear of death is overcome, your fear of Love and intimacy is released, and duality and polarity are transcended.  The ego and the negative ego are brought into alignment to serve your Soul Purpose on Earth. When this balanced flow of energy is expressed in all that you are, an exceptional clarity will seem to light your way.

As the sense of one’s return to wholeness unfolds, the true meaning and purpose of the Divine within becomes clear.  A new sense of Unity and oneness with all of life makes surrendering to the service of the Divine Plan a joyous non-effort.  Please do check out the various commentaries under this tab for some of the details on living this Joyful life.

To paraphrase The Great Gatsby’s great last line: “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into our Ascended Life.”

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