The East

“Conscious evolution is humankind’s final frontier, the ultimate freedom sought by humanity since
the dawn of time.  Thus the challenge seems to be one of overcoming the fear of the unexplored
territory that lies ahead, and finding the courage and optimism to illuminate the spiritual dimension
hidden within our nature.”  ~
 Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan

A Preamble 

This material is intended to reinforce and enlighten your connection with Source.  It is offered in hopes that it may help you to draw upon the limitless power of the eternal Consciousness that is Creation.  In doing so may assist you to animate the Creator within you. To this end, the Nine Directions presents a set of metaphors which is intended as an aid in your fulfillment of the “Prime Directive,” Know Thyself.

The metaphors of the Nine Directions are based on the Native American traditions of Seven Directions, while incorporating my own understanding and practices in regards to those traditions. Setting out on this path offers one the chance to become familiar with, and come to know as true, the individual elements of your “Whole True Self.”  In such a “knowing,” one come to think, act and attain an optimal level of Hu-Man behavior.

Success of these exercises is premised on YOUR willingness to open yourself to thiese conversations with Creation.  The individual Directions are meant to help you integrate, into your core being, the qualities associated with the symbolism of each.  In being willing to embrace them as guide posts on the path to your Wholeness, you are asked – at each position of its compass – to take on the point of view of that Direction; to see yourself, as the Direction, as though you were looking into the Medicine Wheel from that specific compass reading. It is in consciously embracing each of the Directions, that one may open a dialogue with It. By allowing them to speak with you in this meditative embrace, you will come to understand what it means to say, for example, “I AM the East.” In the end, owning them All, you realize that You are One with Creator.

One final note:  As we are all One with the Creator, so are we One with the All.  In light of this truth, when we step into these Directions, it is only appropriate to say,  I Am/WE Are Them.

I hope you enjoy the journey,


The First Direction: The East



The Native American teaching with which I am most familiar comes from the traditions of the Marten Clan of the Red Lake Band of the Anishinabe tribe.  In that teaching, the entrance into the Medicine Wheel is in the East.

Qualities, Aspects and Traditions

The animal Totems of the East are the far-sighted winged ones: the Eagle, Hawk, and Crow.  Listen to the messages from Spirit that they carry.  Soaring so high and seeing so far, with absolute clarity, they encompass within the breadth of their vision the vast field of potential upon which we play out these lives.  Imagine that field as an endless sea of grass.  See the lines of the several paths that you have trodden, etched upon that fertile green field.  See the twists and turns, the dead ends and false starts, the various forks you have encountered and the path you have finally chosen that has led you to your own Here and Now.   As you see those paths spread out in front of you, acknowledge those people whose own paths have crossed yours; some you have embraced, some who you have let go, each with Love.

The East is the color Yellow, as the new day’s Sun.

As such, it represents the time of Dawn, the new day and is always the birth of Now.  It is the Spring, the season of new life, our callow youth and the flower’s first bud.

The Element associated with the East is Fire. This is the fire of the first Sun and the Divine Fire of Transformation by which the Eagle is ultimately transformed into the rising Phoenix.

Spirit Guide — Wounded Warrior Woman

Minerals – Hawk’s Eye and Opal for Visualization; Silver for Intuition

Lessons – Illumination; Clarity; New Beginnings; the True Value of Freedom

Astrologically, The East relates to the First House.  It is what we see by the light of day.  Because it illuminates what is visible, it is how we behave because we can only behave in accordance with the world we can see.  And, in turn, it represents the way others perceive us because the judgments of others are most often based on the way they see us behaving.

So these are some of the attributes of the East and, since YOU are the Wheel, they are elements of YOU.

Embrace them in your heart, feel them within, and say: I AM/We ARE The EAST!



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