The North

The Fourth Direction 

Mother Earth

This Fourth Direction closes the loop of what I call “The Terrestrial Directions.” I have ascribed this designation because each represents a physical Direction as measured against the terrestrial grid of the Planet. Although each certainly does have connections deep in the realm of Spirit, they nonetheless are Earth-bound by their very nature. And so, as the terrestrial loop is closed, the North is a statement of the Completion of this first round of Directions. It is here that we bring the completed Vision of the East, the deep seeded Changes of the South and the Manifestation we have brought forth in the West to the lap of Grandmother North.

Qualities, Aspects and Traditions

The North is the Ancient Grandmother, on whose lap we have been sitting, all the while dreaming the dream of this life. In the Native American traditions, It is symbolized by White Buffalo Calf Woman and Her Sacred Pipe and teachings. In ancient and Earth based Pagan traditions, the North is represented by The Crone, our Elders, the Wisdom of the Ancestors, and Atropos – she who cuts the thread of life.

The Color of the North, in my Directions, is White, the phase of the plant in its Dormancy,  Its Element is Air and Its sacred Minerals are Alabaster, Pipestone, and White Quartz. Its Time of Year is Winter, Time of Day, Night, and Time of Life that of The Elder or Crone. Its time speaks of retirement, contemplation, surrender and, finally, Death and Re-Birth.

Its Animal Totem is the Great White Buffalo, an omen of the birth of a New Age.  In Western culture, it is the primary direction, and points always to Truth. Lastly, its Lessons are about Spiritual Idealism, Wisdom, Enlightenment, Purity and Virtue.

Astrologically, the North is the Tenth House. Here we find our Inner Guide(s) and the parent whose impact most molded how we consciously project our Self onto the world.  It is our public face, the status we seek, and our leadership style. As such, and in this way we attain or sense of Honor.

So these are some of the attributes of the North, and as you know that YOU are the Wheel, so you know too that they are elements within YOU.  Embrace them in your heart also, feel them within, and say: I AM/WE ARE The North!


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