The West

“The word is a force you cannot see, but you can see the manifestation of that
forcethe expression of the word, which is your own life.” ~ Miguel Angel Ruiz

The Third Direction


Qualities, Aspects and Traditions

Here, in the West we encounter totems and imagery of a more physically powerful nature than in either the East or South. And this is most appropriate since the West is the field of physical manifestation, always new and undiscovered.

The first of these is the Great Brown Bear the “First Helper,” in creation stories. This most powerful totem also carries the capacity to tear down and “turn under” that which has gone before for the sake of providing rich, fresh “soil” in which to plant the New Creation and propagate new Knowledge.

The West also is presented in the totem of the Shark. This fierce oceanic predator roams the deeps that lie within the Subconscious. Here, the Shark feeds on the deep rooted Self-Denial that separates one from the realization of the Creator Self.

In the language of the Ascended Masters, the West is Archangel Michael. He is the “Sword of The Creator.” He does courageous battle with all that would deny one’s Creatorhood. As St. George, he slays the Dragon of SELF Denial. In Chinese Buddhism the West stands for the “Guardian of the World” and represents movement toward Enlightenment (Buddhahood).

It is here in the West that we own The Power of Creation to play in the Field of Manifestation. Thus empowered, we meet each test of our mettle with adaptability and courage and walk through our fears, armed with a Strength that is gentle, fierce and protective. In this manner, we own our own Sovereignty, in a Good Way.

Here too, we find the Merkaba, the Light Body:

The Merkaba

The color is of the West is RED. The time of year Autumn, introduced by the Equinox when all is in Balance. and the dying Sun of Sunset. The time of life is the Middle Years; the time of learning about life and having mature relationships. The part of the plant is the Blossom that contains the seeds to be broadcast onto the Field of Manifestation.  It is the Cornucopia, the “Horn of Plenty” that eternally spills out the abundance in our lives.

Astrologically, the West is the Seventh House which presents issues of relationships with “the Other” such as in marital and legal partnerships, especially those which carry the weight of Law as well as one’s Service to Others.

So these are some of the attributes of the West, and as you know that YOU are the Wheel, so you know they are elements of YOU.

Embrace them in your heart, feel them within, and say: I AM/WE ARE the West!


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